Summer Fashion Styles for 2018 You Should Order Now

Summer fashion styles for 2018 are very colorful. Define your wardrobe by browsing through our collection full of vibrant colors, exquisite patterns, and sophisticated cuts.

Muslim Clothing Summer Fashion Styles for 2018

Main Wardrobe

During the summer, fire trees and red flowers such as marigolds and geraniums grow in full bloom. Stock up on summer fashion styles in red and orange to complement the vibrant landscapes around you.

Raishaa Red Black Hijab

The Raishaa hijab in bright red and black is one of our summer fashion styles that exude youth and sophistication. The black layer brings out the bright red hue of the top layer. You can pair this hijab with a black shirt, red trousers, and red flats. Swipe on watermelon-colored lipstic and you’re all set!

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Raishaa Red Hijab

The Raishaa hijab in red is perfect for ladies who don’t like bold looks and prefer muted ones. The light nude pink layer underneath complements the fuschia-red top layer, giving off a subtle feminine look. Wear this piece with our Kashibo abaya dress and you’ll definitely look ravishing.

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Hawaiian Floral Printed Abaya

Look cool by wearing this Hawaiian Floral Printed Abaya in tropical greens and blues. The floral patterns are reminiscent of Hawaii’s lush rainforests and colorful culture. Your fashion cred will definitely go far when you wear this abaya.

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Tropical Tie-Waist Swimwear Burkini

A stylish burkini is a must in every Muslim woman’s wardrobe. The tropical tie-waist bikini features beautiful summer floral accents make it perfect for the season. The bright tomato red hue is something that’s not very common, so it’ll definitely make you stand out from the crowds. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen on your face!

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Other Clothing to Pair Hijabs With

The hot summer weather makes it a bit difficult for hijabis, but there are ways that you can work around that.

The most convenient way for you to adapt to the weather is by pairing your hijabs with tops, bottoms, and dresses in light fabrics.

Floppy hats

Wear a floppy hat that matches or complements the color of your hijab to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. Better yet, get a straw hat.

Credit: HijabWearItRight @ Tumblr


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Wear pants in breezy fabrics and floral prints to complement the Raishaa hijab in red or red and black. Culottes and palazzo pants are two of the best summer fashion styles for hijabis.

Credit: Indanah Puspita @ Flickr


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Bring out your best one-piece denim wear this summer. Pair your hijab with a wrap-around dress or jumpsuit.

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Ruffled dresses

A lot of ruffled dresses come in light and airy fabrics. Ruffled dresses are both casual and formal. You can wear them from day to night.

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Accessories to Wear with Your Hijab

Straw bags

Another way for you to accessorize your hijabs and abayas is by carrying around a fun-looking straw bag.

summer fashion

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summer fashion

Credit: Let There Be Noor


Pastel Colors for a Dainty Summer Look

Hijabs in Pastel Colors

Pastel colors look beautiful on women, especially during spring and summer.  Colors like powder blue, baby pink, and mint green imbibe happiness and a youthful spirit. Pastel colors symbolize a spirit of adventure, that is why they match the adventurous seasons of spring and summer.

There are different ways that you can wear pastel colors. You can pair a hijab and an abaya in pastel colors, or you can mix and match with other tones and textures. Here are just some of the pastel looks that we love that you could wear.

Hijabs and Abayas in Pastel Colors


Isabelle Peach Nectar Hijab


The Isabelle hijab in peach nectar exudes brightness and freshness. This hijab looks refreshing to look at, especially after all those cold months of winter. The peach nectar hue reflects vibrance, confidence, and positivity. It also features a floral print with Swarovski diamond accents that make it look elegant. Wear this hijab with an abaya in neutral colors and a straw tote to complete the fun and vibrant look.

You can get the Isabelle hijab in Peach Nectar here.


Isabelle Illusion Blue Hijab

This version of the Isabel Hijab comes in a blue hue that matches the warm skies of the summer. This hue is very relaxing to look at, and perfect for anyone who experiences a lot of stress at work. One look at your hijab, and you feel relaxed again. You can also wear this hijab to a picnic near a  serene lake. Like the Peach Nectar version, it also features a floral print with Swarovski diamond accents.

You can buy the Isabelle Illusion Blue Hijab here.

Raishaa Purple Hijab

The Raishaa Hijab uses a mix of purple and gray to create a unique pastel look. The purple layer accentuates the top layer in gray, making both colors pop and look vibrant. This hijab, which looks casual and dressy at the same time, can be worn with light-colored denims and sneakers. You can also wear a flower crown to make it extra dressy for a semi-formal occasion or a work party.

Get the Raishaa Purple Gray Hijab here.


Kashibo Abaya Dress

Gone are the days when abayas only came in black and boring designs. Now, abayas come in so many colors, textures, and fabrics that fit every type of style and personality.

This sporty-feminine Kashibo abaya dress features gold sports zippers on its front pockets and opening. It comes in a wide array of colors, including bambino and Alaskan blue, which are also pastels. You can wear this abaya just about anywhere, as it is an interesting fashion conversation piece.

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Floral Viscose Abaya Dress

Last but not the least is the floral abaya dress in viscose/rayon fabric. This abaya features everything you could ask for a summer dress: light blue pinstripes, large pink carnation prints, and a drawstring at the waist. Wear this abaya to garden weddings, fancy brunches, and summer trips.

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Trendy Ways to Wear Your Hijab for Summer 2018

Modest fashion is evolving. The limits to styling the hijab are narrowing. This allows Muslim women to express themselves more freely without totally departing from traditions. With modest fashion inching its way towards the runway, more Muslim women are exploring accessories and styles that suit their hijabs.

Last spring, muted neutral hues, and large floral designs dominated hijabi fashion. Now that it’s summer, Muslim women can try on more experimental and colorful styles that suit the fun and vibrant mood of summer.

Here are just some of the trendy ways to wear your hijab for this summer.

Trendy Ways to Wear Your Hijab for Summer 2018

Statement earrings

Pairing your hijab with statement earrings is one of the trends emerging this summer. Hijabi fashion bloggers usually wear hoop earrings with their hijabs. Most of these earrings are in neutral and metallic colors. If you don’t have hoop earrings, you can wear other kinds of statement earrings that match your hijab’s colors and style.


The sun is shining brighter this summer, so it’s a must for you to wear sunglasses. But you shouldn’t just wear any sunglasses, but the big beautiful ones that shape your face perfectly. Pair your hijab with aviators in citrus colors for a funky look. You can also wear sunglasses with wide rims in black or white to look elegant as classic Hollywood star Aubrey Hepburn.

Floppy Wide Brim Hats

Wearing a floppy wide brim hat over your hijab is a stunning and sophisticated way of protecting your face from the sun’s harmful rays. Floppy wide brim hats come in a variety of fabrics and textures like polyester, linen and palm weave. Polyester and linen floppy wide brim hats suit urban environments while wearing a palm weave hat suits the beach or farm better.

Turban Hijabs

Turban hijabs look very chic, especially if you wear them with long floral skirts or a cool pair of jeans. Wearing a turban hijab also helps your head and face withstand the heat.


If you’re not comfortable rocking the turban hijab, go for the next best alternative: bows. Tying bows on your hijab not just looks cute. It also gives your neck more room to breathe in the sweltering heat.


Wear a hijab in technicolor with a block color dress to make it stand out. This style suits Muslim women who live in highly cosmopolitan cities.

Flower Crowns

Summer is the time when fire trees, bougainvilleas, and sunflowers are in full bloom. With so much color around you, wouldn’t it be fun to top your hijab with a flower crown in summer colors?

Spring Colors

Summer colors are fun and vibrant. But if they seem too loud for you, then you can opt to wear beach-appropriate spring colors. Wear hijabs and tops in light yellows and blues to bring out your femininity.

Floral Patches and Jeans

Look casual and chic by wearing your hijab with slightly distressed jeans with floral iron-on patches and a plain top in neutral colors.




Purple-Colored Hijabs in This Year’s Stylish Pantone Color

Purple-colored hijabs

Purple-colored hijabs are very fashionable and trendy this 2018. That’s because this year’s Pantone color, Ultra Violet, is also a deep purple hue. The popular color house describes Ultra Violet as “dramatic”, “thoughtful”, “imaginative”, and “inventive”. Wearing a hijab in the color purple will definitely bring out your dramatic and creative side.

Here are just some of the beautiful purple-colored hijabs you can wear this summer and throughout 2018.

Stylish Purple-Colored Hijabs

Selena Instant Shawl in Aster Purple

purple-colored hijabs

Exude elegance in this chiffon shawl in aster purple. This hijab has a gold glittering patch surrounded by diamonds, which makes it look regal and timeless. You can wear this hijab over an abaya in a similar shade during conferences and work-related gatherings.

You can buy this hijab here.

Isabelle Instant Shawl in Bougainvillea

Purple-colored Hijabs

Credit: Euphoria

Here is another purple-colored hijab that you can wear. Wear the Isabelle instant shawl in bougainvillea purple to celebrate your strength and femininity. The chiffon fabric, dainty flower pattern design, and Swarovski diamonds naturally bring out the beauty of a Muslim woman. You can wear this hijab in gatherings with a smart casual dress code.

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Raishaa Purple Gray Hijab

This duotone purple hijab in heavy chiffon and butterfly cutting style is perfect for everyday wear. The name “Raishaa” actually means ‘a young gazelle‘, so this hijab was designed for going out on fun gatherings with friends. It looks feminine, casual, and fun at the same time. The greyish hue makes the purple pop nicely underneath it. You can wear this hijab over an abaya in pink or white. You can also pair this with tops and trousers in blue shades.

Buy this duotone purple hijab here.

Stylish Orchid-colored Hijabs

If purple-colored hijabs aren’t your style, then you could wear hijabs in orchid tones instead.

Madison Mauve Orchid Instant Hijab


The Madison hijab style is a combination of feminine and cosmopolitan styles. Its glittery net lace in orchid uses a traditional pattern which mirrors urban grid lines in the city. The heavy chiffon shawl in mauve commands strength and power. This hijab is both a stylish piece and a conversation piece.

You can buy this hijab from this store.

Damiaa Deep Orchid Hijab

The Damiaa hijab is perfect for Muslim women who prefer instant classic shawl styles. Wearing block colors never goes out of style. The deep orchid shade commands a high level of respectability and projects traditional female wisdom. The name “Damiaa” refers to ‘a powerful force of nature’, and this style reflects the power of that name. This hijab style is perfect for all seasons, but looks best when worn over abayas in neutral or lilac hues.

Buy this hijab here.

You can customize the different orchid-colored and purple-colored hijabs above according to your style. You can accessorize your hijab with a wide-brimmed hat to look like a classy jet-setter. Wrapping your hijab with a stylish scarf and wearing shades is another way of accessorizing. Either way, you will look regal and beautiful.

(Cover photo by Banyu Waseso/Pixabay)