Hijab College Outfits for Young Muslimahs

hijab college outfits

Different countries start the school year in different seasons. Usually, young millennial and Gen Z Muslimahs wear basic hijab college outfits.

Yes, it will be tempting for you to wear jeans and shirts every single day to school. But whether you’re a student entering her freshman year, or a senior gearing up for the real world, it pays to dress up a bit in college. It prepares you for your fashion needs ones you start working.

Here are just some hijab college outfits for young Muslimahs starting school around the world:

Hijab College Outfits for Young Muslimahs

Late Summer/Early Fall or Rainy Season

Most schools around the world start their school year in August or September. This period covers the last days of summer and the first days of fall in North America and Europe. On the other hand, students in Asia have to deal with winds and rains as they begin another year of learning.

Because of the cooler weather, we recommend young Muslimahs to wear layers. There are two reasons for this. First, wearing layers can keep you warm and protected from the winds and the rains outside. Then you can conveniently remove your outfit’s outermost layers once you get inside your school building.

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Oversized distressed denim jackets and cropped sweaters are your best bets for 2018.

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Students in their senior year can rock a suit with sneakers. This is one of the best hijab college outfits because it’ll prep you for your life after graduation.

A more stylish way of approaching the modest look is wearing a knotted crop over a t-shirt. Make sure the t-shirt fits you well and isn’t too snug or loose to make this look work.

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Trenchcoats will also be in style during these seasons. Planning to wear one early in the school year? Then pick those made of cooler fabrics. You can reserve trenchcoats made of thicker fabrics for the winter season.

Late Winter/Early Spring

There are some countries that open their year together with the New Year. Countries in Latin America, as well as Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan, start their school year at the same time when flowers bloom anew.

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Welcoming the school year in spring means wearing outfits in flowy fabrics and romantic or nature-inspired patterns. Your wardrobe should also be in neutral or pastel color schemes.

This is also the best time to use your canvas shoes and sneakers in light colors and neutrals. A fresh look for the fresh school year will make you giddy for academic success.

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One of the cutest looks that you can wear is the jumper dress. Switch up your normal sweater outfit by wearing your sweater underneath a denim jumper dress.

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Another way for you to make your wardrobe cool and colorful is by checking out styles of students from Myeongdong in South Korea, one of the coolest districts in the world for springtime university fashion.

For more articles on Muslim clothing trends for Muslimahs of all ages, follow our blog!

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Halal Fashion Styles for the Rainy Season

The other day, we featured halal styles for the hot summer weather. Today, we’re writing an article on halal fashion styles for the rainy weather.

While Muslimahs on the Western hemisphere are basking in the sun, their counterparts on the Eastern side of the world map are bracing for hard rains. In fact, the rains, which have just stopped, inspired us to write this article.

The cold, rainy weather is something that Muslim ladies deal with better than summer. Their culture requires modest fashion, which keeps them warm and relatively drier all the time.

Here are some halal fashion styles that we recommend to hijabis living in Asia so they can look cool and cozy despite the inclement weather.

Muslim Clothing Halal Fashion Styles for the Rainy Weather

Ruffle Tops

In the previous article, we talked about ruffled tops and dresses in light fabrics for the summer weather. Wearing ruffled tops isn’t limited to the hot weather. You can still wear ruffled tops in the cold and rainy weather. Go for pieces made of heavier fabrics to keep you warm and dry. Just don’t choose fabrics which are too heavy and will wear you down as you commute on the train.


Rainy weather is usually cold, so wearing a scarf adds warmth. A scarf also functions as additional protection from light winds.

One of the most popular styles these days is the knit scarf. You can order these scarves online or knit them yourselves! Knit scarves are the perfect companion when you’re cozying on a coach with hot coffee and a good book.

Of course, you can opt for more classic styles like animal prints and bold colors. These styles can make your outfit pop and stand out in under the dull and gloomy clouds.


Wearing a pair of leather sneakers is very hip and functional, especially during the rainy weather. Not only will they keep your feet definitely dry, but also put you on the top of everyone’s fashion list. Leather sneakers exude coolness and sophistication everywhere you go.

You can wear canvas sneakers as an alternative. They’re less expensive and less resistant to water, but still very awesome-looking. Go for neutral colors to channel sophistication, or brighter colors to look fun and youthful.


Boots will never go out of style. And if you live in Southeast Asia, you know that these are a must, especially during the monsoon period. Muslimahs from East Asia will find boots to be functional for the rainy season, as well as winter.

Since you’re buying boots for fashion and function, we suggest that you go for flat knee-high boots or boots with low heels in neutral colors. That way, you can look still look classy and composed even if you’re braving the wild rains!

If you like rugged styles better, then we suggest buying a pair of leather lace-up ankle boots.

These are just a few of the styles that you can wear during the rainy weather. Which one is your favorite?

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Muslim Summer Fashion Styles You Should Order Now

Muslim summer fashion styles are very colourful. Define your wardrobe by browsing through our collection full of vibrant colours, exquisite patterns, and sophisticated cuts.

Muslim Summer Fashion Styles

Main Wardrobe

During the summer, fire trees and red flowers such as marigolds and geraniums grow in full bloom. Stock up on summer fashion styles in red and orange to complement the vibrant landscapes around you.

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Raishaa Red Black Hijab

The Raishaa hijab in bright red and black is one of our summer fashion styles that exude youth and sophistication. The black layer brings out the bright red hue of the top layer. You can pair this hijab with a black shirt, red trousers, and red flats. Swipe on watermelon-colored lipstic and you’re all set!

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Raishaa Red Hijab

The Raishaa hijab in red is perfect for ladies who don’t like bold looks and prefer muted ones. The light nude pink layer underneath complements the fuschia-red top layer, giving off a subtle feminine look. Wear this piece with our Kashibo abaya dress and you’ll definitely look ravishing.

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Hawaiian Floral Printed Abaya

Look cool by wearing this Hawaiian Floral Printed Abaya in tropical greens and blues. The floral patterns are reminiscent of Hawaii’s lush rainforests and colorful culture. Your fashion cred will definitely go far when you wear this abaya.

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Tropical Tie-Waist Swimwear Burkini

A stylish burkini is a must in every Muslim woman’s wardrobe. The tropical tie-waist bikini features beautiful summer floral accents make it perfect for the season. The bright tomato red hue is something that’s not very common, so it’ll definitely make you stand out from the crowds. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen on your face!

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Other Clothing to Pair Hijabs With

The hot summer weather makes it a bit difficult for hijabis, but there are ways that you can work around that.

The most convenient way for you to adapt to the weather is by pairing your hijabs with tops, bottoms, and dresses in light fabrics.

Floppy hats

Wear a floppy hat that matches or complements the color of your hijab to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. Better yet, get a straw hat.

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Wear pants in breezy fabrics and floral prints to complement the Raishaa hijab in red or red and black. Culottes and palazzo pants are two of the best summer fashion styles for hijabis.

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Bring out your best one-piece denim wear this summer. Pair your hijab with a wrap-around dress or jumpsuit.

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Ruffled dresses

A lot of ruffled dresses come in light and airy fabrics. Ruffled dresses are both casual and formal. You can wear them from day to night.


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Accessories to Wear with Your Hijab

Straw bags

Another way for you to accessorize your hijabs and abayas is by carrying around a fun-looking straw bag.

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