Where to Find Cheap Abayas Easily

Muslim women have so much variety available in their clothes that it sometimes becomes rather daunting to find a perfect dress. Muslim women can wear western clothes as well as traditional clothes. It is impossible to enlist the different varieties of clothes that are available in these two categories. For instance, in the category of traditional clothes itself, there are so many options. Right from the simple hijab to the elaborate jilbab, Muslim women definitely have so many options that they can wear. One of the best dresses that a Muslim woman can wear is an abaya. Beautiful and cheap abayas not only look good, but they are easy to manage and wear as well. They are graceful and look elegant and smart.

A woman in an abaya is a vision to behold. Abayas are also one of the most versatile Muslim dresses. An abaya is designed like a traditional western gown with an eastern influence; this means it is the best of both worlds. There are various different varieties of abayas available online as well as offline. For instance, there are traditional abayas, plain abayas, form-fitting abayas, abayas with caftan sleeves, abayas with attached headgear, etc. While there are many different varieties of abayas available, many women are still apprehensive about buying abayas, as they are often expensive and not affordable for everyone. Now while every woman wants to own different abayas, they cannot simply because they cannot afford them. However, there exists a simple solution to this problem, you can find many different kinds of cheap abayas online. Online stores are definitely a boon for Muslim women all over.

Cheap abayas can be difficult to find if you look for them offline. Often they are of bad quality and look tacky. Many times, the colors of these abayas are faded, are cheap or not according to Muslim standards. Such abayas often have tacky embroidery or print that comes out in a couple of washes. But this does not mean that you cannot find decent or even excellent quality ones. There exist many special online stores that sell Muslim dresses or cater to Muslim women only. These stores sell cheap but good quality clothes. On these websites, you can find decent abayas for dirt-cheap rates. You can find all kinds of abayas in these stores.

Once you find cheap abayas, it is now time to find decent accessories to pair them with. Abayas, as said earlier, are extremely versatile and can be paired with almost anything; however, it is recommended to wear accessories as well as clothes according to the place and occasion. For instance, never wear a heavily embroidered abaya to a funeral, as it will make you look tacky and disrespectful. It is always better to avoid wearing jewelry while attending a funeral. You can pair the abaya with stilettos for a fancy dinner or even wear comfortable white sneakers for a casual look.

Abayas are available in various designs, styles and colors, so it becomes difficult to choose. However, thanks to online stores, you can buy many abayas without having to make a choice. If you will like to find a wide array of abayas at affordable prices online, click the button below.

Tips to Consider Before you Buy Abaya For Sale

A major factor that Muslimah fail to take into account while revamping their wardrobe is fitting and comfort. While western garments are supposed to be tight and body hugging, Muslim clothes are suppose to be loose fitting and flowy. This provides them with grace and beauty. Body-hugging clothes are not only uncomfortable, but they are immodest as well. Try to check your comfort level and fittings and body size before buying an abaya dress. Try to keep it simple and visit online stores where you can find various recommendations according to your body type or even an abaya for sale.

One important factor while revamping a wardrobe or closet is where to buy things from. Some women just visit random stores and buy anything that catches their eye. This is not recommended, as you will end up with things that either don't fit, don't look good on you or clothes that go out of fashion almost instantly. These clothes will just hog up your wardrobe and you will end up with dozens of unused, unwearable clothes. It is always better to get rid of these clothes so that you can buy new ones. It is recommended to donate these clothes to charities or homes so that your clothes will not end up in landfills and will help a needy person instead.

Once your wardrobe is clear of clutter, you can then fill it with many different and new clothes. Go to places where you can find abaya for sale. At such stores, whether online or offline, you can find various kinds of Muslim clothes, including but not limited to abaya, burqa, niqabs, jilbab, chador, hijab, etc. You can also find special clothes such as burkini, shawls, stoles, etc. in these stores. Many stores also sell accessories that can be paired with your Muslimah clothes, including pins, rings, neckpieces, watches, etc. Use these stores and websites wisely to update your closet.

While offline stores are great if you live in a big city, you probably won't be able to find decent abaya for sale in small towns and cities. Such people should then opt for online shopping. Don't worry, nowadays many online stores are available that cater only to Muslimah women. Such stores sell everything that a Muslim woman may require. This includes fashion, clothes, accessories, perfumes, prayer mats, etc. Certain sites also sell beautiful niqabs and hijabs that can be paired with almost everything.

While many stores dealing with Muslim clothes and accessories are available online, it is always better to check the reviews and reputation of a store before blindly trusting them. Unlike eCommerce giants, small corporations run these stores sites, some are even run by a single person like a boutique. It, therefore, becomes absolutely crucial to check whether a store is trustworthy or not or you will end up buying things from a fraudulent site. Such sites are rampant on the Internet and it is thus always recommended to check the authenticity of a seller, store or site before buying online.

Suitable Stylish Abaya For Different Events 

There is hardly anyone in this world who does not like to dress up. Every woman, whether Muslimah or not, wants to dress up, look good and of course feel good. However, not many women know what to wear, how to wear and when to wear. Many women often wear the most inappropriate clothes to the most inappropriate events or places. For instance, no one should ever wear a heavily embroidered abaya to a job interview or a simple and unclean burqa to a party. Both of these will look hideous and unappealing. Women should learn what to wear and when to wear if they want to impress people. Many women also struggle to find clothes that suit them and look good on their body. If you are a Muslimah who is struggling to find a decent stylish abaya, then you must check out some abaya online websites where you can find good quality and cheap abaya for sale. These abaya for sale are made of good material and look really good as well.

Every Muslimah must own at least 3-4 types of stylish abaya, a few hijabs, some burqas and a couple of niqabs along with western clothes and other traditional clothes. These traditional clothes will make a woman’s closet complete. Without these clothes, any woman’s wardrobe will be lacking and she will not be able to dress for various occasions in a proper manner.

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For instance, if a Muslimah wants to attend a religious function or a wedding, she cannot simply wear some western garment like jeans and top and tie a hijab around her head and call it a day. Not only will this look rude but it will also lead to people thinking that the woman does not have a decent sense of style or lacks refined taste. A Muslimah must wear a good quality jilbab or a stylish abaya to such occasions.

These dresses should be paired with good quality and beautiful accessories as well. Without these accessories, your look will not look complete. For instance, if you are supposed to attend a wedding, you should wear a nice jilbab and pair it with some simple gold or diamond jewelry. If you do not own precious jewelry, you can also pair your clothes with decent looking artificial jewelry. Never wear extremely heavy jewelry unless you are the bride! Extremely heavy jewelry is an outdated fad that nowadays looks tacky and unpleasant. This is the age of minimalism where less is more and more is tacky. So, wear less and look good. A great way to make any outfit look dressy is by applying some makeup. A quick winged eyeliner, some kohl along with a bold red lipstick will certainly make a simple outfit look dressy.

While painting nails is not recommended, some Muslimah do use nail polish, if you are one of these women, do not use flashy or tacky colors. Neutral colored tones look the best; however, you may also try red and related shades. It is recommended to avoid wearing nail color while attending a religious meet lest you offend someone.

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Best Choices for Abaya Online Shopping

Muslimah women are truly blessed because they have a lot of options available as far as clothes are concerned. They look equally good in simple western garments as well as elegant Muslimah fashion. One thing that worries Muslimah a lot is the lack of variety that is available locally or offline. Not many shops and malls stock beautiful abaya inspired dresses. While one can easily find stunning western garments in stores, finding an abaya in malls is not easy. If you really want to showcase your heritage and want to flaunt your grace as well, there is no better dress than an abaya. Abayas are pretty, elegant and regal. They look beautiful in almost all settings and can be paired with many kinds of accessories as well as pullovers. Many Muslimah find it difficult to buy an abaya locally, for such women, abaya online shopping is a boon.

One can find many different kinds and varieties of abayas online. These abayas are often made with excellent fabrics by talented artists and are often cheaper than the ones available offline. You must try out certain websites that sell abayas and accentuate your wardrobe. Online shopping certainly makes life easy and you can shop from the comfort of your home while accessing a global collection of abayas. 

But what kinds of abayas should you buy when you do abaya online shopping? If you are unsure, that it is recommended to get at least the following colours and style to make your wardrobe complete.

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White Abaya

Photo Credit: EastEssence

A simple white abaya with subtle embroidery (or even plain) is one of the best garments that you can own. White is the color of peace, cleanliness and serenity. White abayas, whether with prints, embroidery, sequins, etc. always look good. They are suitable for most occasions and can be paired with almost any accessory. White abayas look the best when you contrast them with black or dark accessories such as bags, hijabs, hijab pins, etc. While white abayas look stunning, they can be difficult to handle, as they tend to get dirty quickly. This is a common problem for all white clothes. If you are careful you can wear a white abaya without any problem.

Black Abaya

Photo Credit: EastEssence

Like white abayas, a Muslimah must possess a black abaya. Black is a highly popular color in Muslimah fashion and it is possible that you may own a couple of black abayas already. If you don’t or even if you do, it is always a good choice to invest some money in a decent black abaya. You can either go for a plain abaya, or you can also buy an embroidered or printed abaya. Golden embroidered black abayas are not only stunning, but they look regal and full of panache. Every Muslimah must own a golden embroidered black abaya. These abayas can be worn at weddings, parties, functions, etc. You can also wear them to other occasions such as birthdays etc. Most of the time golden embroidered abayas look so rich and stunning you do not need to pair them with any jewelry at all. If you still want to pair them with some form of jewelry, it is recommended to restrict to one piece only.

Bold Colored Abaya

Photo Credit: EastEssence

An abaya in any bold color is a great asset. This abaya can be worn at parties, weddings, ceremonies, etc. These abayas not only look good, but they look elegant as well. Bold color is a broad term, and if you find yourself confused about which color to get, then don’t worry you can get any color that flatters you. For instance, if you believe you look good in scarlet and navy blue you can get a scarlet or navy blue abaya. While plain abayas look good, it is recommended to avoid plain, bold abayas, as they may look tacky. If you do own or want to buy a plain, bold abaya, always pair them with some simple pieces of jewelry or certain accessories that will complement as well as supplement the abaya perfectly.

Pastel Abaya

Photo Credit: EastEssence

A simple, pastel-colored abaya is a must have as well. These abayas are essential for professional events such as job interviews, university, classes, etc. These abayas are muted and can be worn for solemn events such as prayer meets and funerals as well.

While different e-commerce giants do sell abaya and related clothes, they do not have a lot of variety. A custom website that caters to Muslim women only will really help you make good choices. Abaya online shopping is definitely one of the best ways to keep your wardrobe updated and refreshed.

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How To Wear Accessories To Complement your Abaya Clothes

It is always advisable to strike a balance between your abaya dress and your accessories. For instance, if you plan to wear a heavy abaya or a bold abaya of colors such as magenta, maroon or scarlet, it is advised to avoid wearing heavy jewelry. Instead, compliment it with some fine and simple pieces. If your abaya is on the simpler side and you want to make it look more glamorous, compliment it with statement rings and slightly heavy jewelry. This will create a perfectly balanced look where your outfit and jewelry both will complement as well as supplement each other.

Not all abayas have pockets so it is necessary to carry a bag while wearing an abaya. Bags can be of any size and material; however, it is necessary to check whether the bag you plan to carry complements your abaya and the occasion or not. For instance, it is not recommended to carry huge bags to a night event. If you are a young Muslimah, it is recommended to get a large bag that can hold your educational supplies while attending classes. You can also carry extra tissues, makeup, etc. in this bag. For night events and events in which you are planning to wear heavier abayas, it is recommended to carry some good, small clutches. Clutches go really well with any kind of abaya. Investing in a few bold colored clutches is highly recommended if you plan to wear abayas regularly. Messenger bags look good with abayas, especially if you are a student. For others, a simple one-shoulder pseudo-leather bag will do wonders. Try to get a few embroidered purses, as they look excellent with embroidered abayas.

While you can pair almost any kind of shoes with abayas, it is highly recommended to wear high or moderate high heels. This will enhance your posture and the abaya will look even better. Open toed shoes, pumps and lace-ups look good with abayas. You can also try Chelsea boots with abayas. This look will look great on students. Unless you are comfortable with stilettos, do not wear them with abayas. Abayas tend to have a flowy structure, which may make it too difficult to walk in stilettos. If you are not comfortable with heels at all you may also pair abayas with ballerina shoes. These flats are delicate and will complement the billowy nature of the garment perfectly. For a casual look, you can pair an abaya with flat strappy sandals like thongs or even pointed shoes. For a laid-back look, you can pair the abaya with a pair of white sneakers and you are good to go! Play around with different shoes according to the occasion and select something that you are comfortable with.

Abayas and makeup can go hand in hand however this rarely happens. This is because of the old habit of being over the top. Instead of applying a lot of makeup, try using subtle shades such as peach and light brown to accentuate your natural features. Line your waterline if you plan to wear an abaya at night.

Abayas can be accessorized with stoles, shawls, afghans, etc. These pullovers will add a touch of panache to your look. A simple scarf can also accentuate the elegance of your abaya clothes.

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Best Abaya Dress to Wear for Different Occasions

One of the prettiest and stunning dresses a Muslimah can wear is an abaya dress. Abayas are not only pretty, but they are also extremely practical and look really nice on women of any age or size. They are often shaped like western gowns that make them suitable for almost any occasion. It is however recommended to check out the rules and regulations of a place before wearing an abaya. Read the rest of the article to find out more about the best abaya dress to wear for different occasions.

For instance, some places/institutes look down on bright and sharp colors. At such places, it is recommended to wear a simple, pastel or grey abaya instead of wearing something too bold or flashy. For instance, if you are supposed to visit a professional institute it is recommended to wear muted abayas.

Some Muslimah opt for western attire with hijab instead of the abaya. While western attire with hijab is a good look too, it does not mean that abaya dress is not convenient. While it is possible that the young women may find it difficult to handle at first, with some practice abaya dress can form an integral part of your closet. Western clothes such as trousers, shirts etc. lack the grace and regal aura that an abaya can offer. It is therefore recommended to wear abayas whenever you can.

Women often try to avoid an abaya dress because they do not know where they can find good quality abaya dresses for cheap prices. You can always try online shops where abayas in different designs, colors and fabrics are available in a large variety. You can also find decent abayas offline if you look properly.

It is recommended to avoid wearing a too heavy abaya in summer as the garment may become too heavy to handle. However, lightweight abayas are available which can be worn in summer. These are made of special fabrics that are breathable and comfortable. Do not worry; these fabrics are not transparent, yet you will never feel uncomfortable or too hot in them.

Abayas are elegant on their own, however, you can enhance their elegance by pairing them up with beautiful accessories. Many women prefer to pair abayas with extremely heavy jewelry, right from finger rings to hijab pins, many Muslimah women believe that the more you war with an abaya, the better it will look. This is untrue, as the latest and sort of permanent trend in the world of fashion is minimalism.

According to this trend, less is more. This means you should try to wear as little jewelry as possible. Do not overload yourself with jewelry. Of course, everyone loves to flaunt their jewels, however, you should flaunt them one by one. Pairing the right jewelry with the right outfit is an important aspect of the world of fashion. An accessory should always compliment your garment and not take over it. Similarly, your garment should not take over your accessory either. Try to find a balance between your clothes and your accessories.

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Refreshingly Pretty Abaya Online for Muslimahs

Abayas are some of the prettiest and most refreshing dresses that a Muslimah can wear. Abaya is regal, elegant and looks rich. It is also extremely comfortable and if paired with the right accessories can look chic. Many women are always on the lookout to buy new and exciting abayas, however, most of them avoid buying them because they are often costly. The designs available locally are often bland and not exciting. For such women of the hijab, online shopping can come as divine intervention. Buying pretty abaya online is a great option for women who are busy throughout the day but still want to look pretty. Online websites have a lot of variety and color options and you can buy one to suit your needs accordingly. Here are some abayas that will make you look elegant, glamorous yet modest at the same time.

Designer Laced Sequin Embroidered Abaya

Most modern women find the concept of abaya daunting, as it may get too heavy for public transports etc. Some women also find it cumbersome and do not want to carry it around while working. For such women, the designer laced sequin embroidered abaya is a great option. While it is not difficult to find pretty abaya online, many people find it rather worrisome to find laced abayas suitable for their taste. This beige abaya, however, is suitable for everyone. It looks classy and is perfectly suitable for travel and day-to-day jobs thanks to its lightweight and easy to maneuver cutting. But don’t worry; it still looks chic and stunning thanks to the minimalistic detailing on the edges done in white. The embroidery design makes this, otherwise plain abaya really glamorous. Pair it with simple diamond jewelry for a pretty look. The best part of this abaya is it can be pair with many hijabs. Hijabs will protect your modesty and hair and is easy to handle. Remember, you do not need to forgo fashion for comfort and vice versa and this abaya is the living proof of this fact.

Printed Paneled Abaya

This abaya will help you break the monotony of black in your closet. A beautiful garment with elegant sleeves, this abaya is excellent for day-to-day events as well as special parties. The sleeves will really accentuate your style and will let the world know that you understand fashion thoroughly. The flowy nature of this dress will look excellent with any hijab. A delicate geometric, crisscross pattern down the front and cuffs make this dress look elegant yet bold. The design has been done in a beautiful shade that compliments the color of the dress perfectly. Pair it with a charcoal hijab or an off-white hijab to complete the look. You can also wear simple rings and a necklace to make the look pop. A small clutch in the cerulean family will compliment the dress nicely. If you are a college student, pair it with an off-shoulder leather sack or a large brown bag to carry your books and belongings. While this dress will look the best with medium heels, if you are a risk-taker you may pair it with white sneakers to make it pop and look more modern.

Embroidered Outwear Abaya

This beautiful garment that is fit for queens. This abaya will really add that regal touch to your wardrobe. Suitable for night events, you may wear this abaya for day events too if you want to be the center of attention. The intricate embroidery detailing done in perfect on the elegant purple fabric looks royal. The flashy sides add a touch of elegance as well. You can pair this with simple golden accessories or a large diamond ring. Carry a small gold clutch with some crimson detailing to make this look pop even more. A simple peach or light brown hijab with tiny crimson detailing will make this look complete. Short women can pair this look with crimson pumps to look tall. The sleeves are great if you like showing off your bangles and bracelets. Keep your makeup simple but do add some gold and crimson color to your oeuvre. For a slightly muted look, you may also pair it with peach shoes.

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Plaid Navy Lycra Hijab

Navy blue and white is a color combination that you can never go wrong with. It looks bold, stunning and eye-catching. While not an abaya, the plaid navy lycra hijab is beautiful yet striking at the same time. This hijab has a delicate design and it will look good with any abaya. A simple abaya paired with this hijab will suit a modern woman of any age. Pair it with simple bangles and a gold finger band and you will be ready for any party. As the hijab is striking, keep your makeup simple and add a lot of peach shades to it. You can easily find this type of hijab when you shop for pretty abaya online.

Online Accessories

While many kinds of pretty abaya online are available, you can take your look to the next level by accessorizing them with some beautiful jewelry or bags. It is quite easy to find good quality and affordable accessories online. If you plan to wear a heavily embroidered or a bold colored abaya, then it is recommended to go slightly subtle on the accessories. Too much is always bad. If your abaya is too heavy, always accompany it with a medium sized bag containing tissues and other related paraphernalia. This will help you keep your makeup in good condition. Avoid wearing a lot of jewelry while wearing an abaya or you may end up looking tacky and unprofessional. It is always better to use simple jewelry or a couple of statement pieces instead of wearing too many items at once.

The four best accessories that you can use to make a simple abaya look dressy are belts, long pearl necklaces, statement accessories like bracelets or rings and brooches. Use a belt to cinch the abaya at the waist to make it look dressy. Add some glamor to your outfit with a statement ring or brooch. The options are unlimited and you can accessorize it any way that you want.

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The Season of Flowers: Floral Abaya & Burkini

As Chaucer has said, April is the sweetest month, and sweet it indeed is as April and its sister March are the months’ spring in many regions of the world. Spring is the harbinger of beauty, grace and rejuvenation. While all seasons are lovely, this one deserves a special mention as it is the season of joy and merry. Everywhere you look you will see pretty, delicate and enchanting flowers. It is the season of colors where everywhere you turn you will experience an explosion of color and laughter. When trees and plants have adorned themselves with colors, it is obvious that you would want to do the same. Thankfully here is a list of beautiful floral abaya dress and burkini with motifs that will take you back to nature and let you enjoy the beauty with grace.

Jnelle Cinnamon Abaya

Photo Credit: Euphoria.com.my

A delicate, muted abaya that will make you like fresh cherry blossoms blooming in a wintery wonderland, the Jnelle Cinnamon Abaya is pretty, subtle and yet full of fresh floral motif that will look stunning with almost anything. For simpler occasions pair it with a pastel clutch and small rings and you will look not only classy but elegant as well. For a more festive look, pair it with a heavy and large clutch, preferably in bold, flat colors like black or maroon. You may also pair it with a nice statement ring or thin bracelets. A delicate, floral hijab pin will enhance the overall look of the abaya.

Jnelle Amber Yellow Abaya

Photo Credit: Euphoria.com.my

Spring is the season of brightness and joy. The sun looks extremely pretty in this season and shines brightly over everything. Jnelle Amber Yellow Abaya can help you look bright and pretty like the sun. It is a stunning contrast of bright yellow, silk-like hijab with beautiful pastel white abaya covered with delicate blossoms. The flowers on this abaya are dual colored and the combination of peach with subtle yellow looks enchanting. This abaya is great for morning celebrations and will look stunning in a park or beach setting. Pair it with a muted floppy hat or a small, peach/white umbrella to complete the look. A simple round ring will take this look to the next level.

Jnelle Moss Green Abaya

Photo Credit: Euphoria.com.my

Spring is the season of flowers and trees and plants are often loaded with them. Some plants bloom so profusely that the flowers soon take over the leaves. If you love the color green and want to introduce some in your wardrobe, this abaya is the best option. Once again a mixture of bold and subtle colors, this abaya has a beautiful floral motif like the one above, albeit in different colors. A simple yet elegant combination of green with peach and golden yellow, this abaya can work in any setting. The muted peach hijab can be paired with straw hats to protect your skin from the sun.

Jnelle Black Abaya

Photo Credit: Euphoria.com.my

While people love to go out in the spring mornings to enjoy the fresh blossoms, one cannot ignore the night events as well. While fresh floral prints look great during the day, they are not suitable for night events. But if you love flowers and want to wear them in the evening as well, then this abaya is the best option for you. A stark contrast of black and white bedazzled with dark grey flowers, this abaya is not elegant but look rich and stylish. A simple monochromatic tone adds to the panache and style factor of this abaya. To take this look to the next level you may pair it with simple gold jewelry or a small bag. A simple diamond or crystal hijab pin will do wonders as well. Keep your makeup simple and avoid rosy or bluish tones, try to keep it on the brown side while wearing this abaya.

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Spring is a great season for beach and pool parties. It is a wonderful season to enjoy sun-kissed food and along with fresh, tropical drinks. A burkini is the perfect swimsuit option if you are looking for something modest while making it possible to go for a quick dip. Not only are burkinis comfortable, they can be quite fashionable too. If you want to wear something floral and nature-inspired to such parties, here are some brilliant options.

Tropical Print Tie Waist Swimwear Burkini

Photo Credit: EastEssence

This burkini is available in two fresh and enchanting colors that will accentuate your beauty while protecting you from the sun and keeping your modesty safe. Available in bold yet pretty colors- scarlet and navy blue, these burkinis will really make your wardrobe pop. With minimalistic floral motifs around the shoulders and torso in many different colors, this burkini is good for beaches as well as private pool parties. Pair it with a simple, large pair of sunglasses and with a tall glass of some fruit juice or lemonade and you will ready for any beach party in the world. You can also pair it with a good, large straw hat to add that extra layer of panache as well as protection.

Costa Rica Print Tie Swimwear Burkini

Photo Credit: EastEssence

Another really pretty burkini that will make you pop. A delicate combination of subtle grey and bold and beautiful tropical flowers, this burkini is a must have for the modern Muslimah. The large and colorful flowers on a bright background of navy blue really add a touch of finesse and elegance to this burkini. Pair it with a pair of sunglasses and some bold flip-flops and you will be ready for any kind of beach or pool party. Add a straw hat to take the look to the next level. A dark green or navy blue pair of flip-flops will go really well with this look.


You can accessorize almost all spring looks with real or artificial flowers. Either use these flowers as headgear or wear them on your wrists like natural bracelets. Real flowers will really help you connect with spring and you will look like the queen of the flowers.

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Muslim Summer Fashion Styles You Should Order Now

Muslim summer fashion styles are very colourful. Define your wardrobe by browsing through our collection full of vibrant colours, exquisite patterns, and sophisticated cuts.

Muslim Summer Fashion Styles

Main Wardrobe

During the summer, fire trees and red flowers such as marigolds and geraniums grow in full bloom. Stock up on summer fashion styles in red and orange to complement the vibrant landscapes around you.

Photo Credit: Euphoria.com.my

Raishaa Red Black Hijab

The Raishaa hijab in bright red and black is one of our summer fashion styles that exude youth and sophistication. The black layer brings out the bright red hue of the top layer. You can pair this hijab with a black shirt, red trousers, and red flats. Swipe on watermelon-colored lipstic and you’re all set!

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Photo Credit: Euphoria.com.my

Raishaa Red Hijab

The Raishaa hijab in red is perfect for ladies who don’t like bold looks and prefer muted ones. The light nude pink layer underneath complements the fuschia-red top layer, giving off a subtle feminine look. Wear this piece with our Kashibo abaya dress and you’ll definitely look ravishing.

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Photo Credit: EastEssence

Hawaiian Floral Printed Abaya

Look cool by wearing this Hawaiian Floral Printed Abaya in tropical greens and blues. The floral patterns are reminiscent of Hawaii’s lush rainforests and colorful culture. Your fashion cred will definitely go far when you wear this abaya.

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Photo Credit: EastEssence

Tropical Tie-Waist Swimwear Burkini

A stylish burkini is a must in every Muslim woman’s wardrobe. The tropical tie-waist bikini features beautiful summer floral accents make it perfect for the season. The bright tomato red hue is something that’s not very common, so it’ll definitely make you stand out from the crowds. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen on your face!

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Other Clothing to Pair Hijabs With

The hot summer weather makes it a bit difficult for hijabis, but there are ways that you can work around that.

The most convenient way for you to adapt to the weather is by pairing your hijabs with tops, bottoms, and dresses in light fabrics.

Floppy hats

Wear a floppy hat that matches or complements the color of your hijab to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. Better yet, get a straw hat.

Credit: HijabWearItRight @ Tumblr

Credit: Pinterest


Wear pants in breezy fabrics and floral prints to complement the Raishaa hijab in red or red and black. Culottes and palazzo pants are two of the best summer fashion styles for hijabis.

Credit: Indanah Puspita @ Flickr

Credit: Pinterest


Bring out your best one-piece denim wear this summer. Pair your hijab with a wrap-around dress or jumpsuit.

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

Ruffled dresses

A lot of ruffled dresses come in light and airy fabrics. Ruffled dresses are both casual and formal. You can wear them from day to night.


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Accessories to Wear with Your Hijab

Straw bags

Another way for you to accessorize your hijabs and abayas is by carrying around a fun-looking straw bag.

summer fashion

Credit: Affordorable

summer fashion

Credit: Let There Be Noor

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Eid Fashion Styles for Muslim Women around the World

Eid fashion differs around the world. Muslim women from various parts of the world celebrate the end of Ramadan by wearing distinct wardrobe styles. While ornate hijabs, abayas, and jilbabs are Eid fashion staples, there are other styles that you can add to your closets. A lot of Muslim women around the world celebrate diversity by wearing eid fashion styles from other cultures, as you can find in this article by Quartz last year. Muslim clothing is as dynamic as the people who wear them.

We put together a list of Eid fashion styles from different cultures. While the list is not entirely exhaustive, it contains the most popular styles around the world.

Eid Fashion around Globe


Eid fashion

Credit: Kevin Frayer / Getty Images / Al Jazeera


The Chinese simply wear hijabs and abayas for Eid.


Eid fashion

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Filipinas on the other hand, prefer celebrating this momentous event by wearing colorful jilbabs.


Eid fashion

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Malaysians don the traditional baju kurung for Eid festivities. The baju kurung is a two-piece outfit with a loose-fitting collarless blouse and skirt.


Eid fashion

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Indonesians from the Java region pair their kerudung hijab with a kebaya and batik skirt. A kebaya is a long open tunic made of sheer fabrics with embroidery or brocade details.


Eid fashion

Credit: fashionstyle34

Indians and Pakistanis wear the shalwar kameez, a traditional outfit comprised of a long shirt and baggy trousers. Both men and women wear the shalwar kameez but in gender-specific styles. Womens’ shalwar kameez feature intricate designs and embroidery. Then they wear a scarf or dupatta to complete their ensemble.


Eid fashion

Credit: World Latest Fashion

Bangladeshis wear a salee salwar kameez, a foot-length dress with sleeves adorned with colored beads. However, Bangladeshi women are becoming more progressive with their Eid fashion styles. Designer Arzin Alom shares that some women pair jackets with jumpsuits, maxi dresses, and even wear long gowns.


Eid fashion

Credit: Pinterest

Palestinians also have a traditional outfit, which they call “thobe”. The th0be is a hand-stitched dress made of black fabric with red embroidery.



Eid fashion

Credit: BonjourFashion

Moroccans wear their embellished kaftans to celebrate Eid.

Africa is also gaining ground as a fashion-forward region for Muslim women. Designers from Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, and Mali are popular for creating modern Eid fashion styles. South African bloggers are also famous for sporting ultra-trendy looks for the celebration.

United States, Australia, and Europe

Eid fashion

Credit: Quartz / Nushmia Khan

There are a lot of stores nationwide in the United States that sell Muslim clothing. But these stores still run scarce, hence Americans need to adapt. They improvise by wearing modest styles from designer and street brands for the occasion. The same is true for Muslim women living in other non-Muslim majority countries such as Australia and the UK.

Where to Buy Eid Fashion Muslim Clothing

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