Hijab College Outfits for Young Muslimahs

hijab college outfits

Different countries start the school year in different seasons. Usually, young millennial and Gen Z Muslimahs wear basic hijab college outfits.

Yes, it will be tempting for you to wear jeans and shirts every single day to school. But whether you’re a student entering her freshman year, or a senior gearing up for the real world, it pays to dress up a bit in college. It prepares you for your fashion needs ones you start working.

Here are just some hijab college outfits for young Muslimahs starting school around the world:

Hijab College Outfits for Young Muslimahs

Late Summer/Early Fall or Rainy Season

Most schools around the world start their school year in August or September. This period covers the last days of summer and the first days of fall in North America and Europe. On the other hand, students in Asia have to deal with winds and rains as they begin another year of learning.

Because of the cooler weather, we recommend young Muslimahs to wear layers. There are two reasons for this. First, wearing layers can keep you warm and protected from the winds and the rains outside. Then you can conveniently remove your outfit’s outermost layers once you get inside your school building.

Credit: Hello Fashion Blog


Credit: Pinterest / Aisha Collide

Oversized distressed denim jackets and cropped sweaters are your best bets for 2018.

Credit: bloglovin

Students in their senior year can rock a suit with sneakers. This is one of the best hijab college outfits because it’ll prep you for your life after graduation.

A more stylish way of approaching the modest look is wearing a knotted crop over a t-shirt. Make sure the t-shirt fits you well and isn’t too snug or loose to make this look work.

Credit: Pinterest

Trenchcoats will also be in style during these seasons. Planning to wear one early in the school year? Then pick those made of cooler fabrics. You can reserve trenchcoats made of thicker fabrics for the winter season.

Late Winter/Early Spring

There are some countries that open their year together with the New Year. Countries in Latin America, as well as Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan, start their school year at the same time when flowers bloom anew.

Credit: Pinterest

Welcoming the school year in spring means wearing outfits in flowy fabrics and romantic or nature-inspired patterns. Your wardrobe should also be in neutral or pastel color schemes.

This is also the best time to use your canvas shoes and sneakers in light colors and neutrals. A fresh look for the fresh school year will make you giddy for academic success.

Credit: Anthologie

One of the cutest looks that you can wear is the jumper dress. Switch up your normal sweater outfit by wearing your sweater underneath a denim jumper dress.

Credit: IYMEL / ink361

Another way for you to make your wardrobe cool and colorful is by checking out styles of students from Myeongdong in South Korea, one of the coolest districts in the world for springtime university fashion.

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Wear Designer Chic Abaya this Ramadan

Prior to the season of Ramadan, Muslim women flock to departmental stores to shop for a new wardrobe. Muslim women stock up on new hijabs, jilbabs, abayas, and kaftans to wear for the holy month. A lot of women also go for designer chic abaya looks for Ramadan. These pieces are usually part of Ramadan collections by young Muslim designers and European fashion houses.

Oftentimes, designer chic pieces are expensive. That’s because of the brand names they carry. But even if this is the case, you can still find items that are as beautiful without the hefty price tag. You can find some of these items here on HijabDressUp.

Designer Chic Abaya and Jilbab for Ramadan

Soft colors and clean lines


designer chic by Bouguessa

Credit: Bouguessa

Dubai-based fashion brand Bouguessa’s 2018 Ramadan collection features dresses, cardigans, coats, and abayas in soft colors and clean lines. Its designs are the epitome of urban sophistication. Bougessa is popular with both Arab women and celebrities such as Beyonce and Izabel Goulart. The cardigan abaya below costs $775.


This Kashibo abaya dress exudes an equally urban and sophisticated look. It has gold sports zippers on its front pockets and opening, and looks enchanting when paired with a nude-colored hijab. It also comes in a wide array of soft colors, including rose wood, pearl grey, and vanilla. The abaya costs $27.

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Floral Prints


Credit: Net-a-Porter

Luxury online retailer Net-A-Porter released its Ramadan capsule collection this spring. Here you can find pieces by respected brands in the fashion industry such as Oscar dela Renta, Giambattista Valli, Erdem and Reema Acra. The collection features gowns, long-sleeve blouses, trousers, kaftans and maxi dresses. Each brand has its own style. But what caught our eye was Erdem’s Stephanie collection, which featured pieces in floral prints against a dark background. Not only are they appropriate for the month of Ramadan, but also for special occasions like weddings. British actress Carey Mulligan was recently seen sporting Erdem at the wedding of Prince Harry Windsor and Meghan Markle. Pieces from Erdem’s collection range between $1580 to $2995.


You don’t need to wear Erdem to be fashion-forward. The abaya below in polyester crepe features bold floral and leaf prints in shades of tropical green. It is a statement piece in itself, without explicitly aiming to be one.

Bold Colors


designer chic

Credit: Vogue Arabia

Bahrain brand Amal Al Mulla’s limited edition Ramadan collection mainly features dresses in vibrant hues of orange, blue, brown, and green. In an interview with Vogue Arabia, Al Mulla says that they “used color blocking as well to enhance the designs”. Al Mulla is also popular for using exaggerated sleeves and manipulating large swaths of fabric for her designs. Every one of Al Mulla’s pieces state “designer chic”. The collection is only available in Bahrain.

Looking luxurious on a budget is possible with this golden front open-button jilbab from EastEssence. Its deep maroon color, while not vibrant, pays homage to AlMulla’s classic look. It costs $41 and can be bought here.

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Ramadan Fashion Tips for Muslimahs

Ramadan fashion

Ramadan is one of the most important annual events in a Muslim woman’s life. The holy month is when Muslims fast while reflecting deeply on their faith. This is also the time they bond with family and loved ones.

As a Muslim woman, you don’t have to sacrifice looking fashionable and chic during the holy month. In fact, putting together new looks for Ramadan is common among Muslim women. The preparation period even takes weeks or months before Ramadan commences. Because you’ll be ending each day with an iftar dinner gathering, you’ll need to look beautiful and dazzling every single time. Here are some Ramadan fashion tips on how you look modest, culturally respectful, and trendy at the same time.

Ramadan Fashion for Muslimahs

Adorn your hijabs.

Adorning your hijab with a hair accessory is a fairly common, yet still a nice type of Ramadan fashion. You can wear your hijab with a flower crown or tiaras with jewels. The type of hair accessory you’ll use would depend on your personality.

Wear an open kaftan.

Abayas and kaftans are staples in any Muslim woman’s closet, especially those from the Middle East. You can create a practical yet fashionable Ramadan fashion look by layering an abaya and a kaftan together. You can mix and match what you have in your wardrobe to create something new.

Experiment with layers.

If kaftans are not your thing, then you can use other pieces of wardrobe to complement your abaya. Try wearing a stylish ruffled or printed tunic with sandals in nude colors to exude cosmopolitan sophistication. Wear a bomber or denim jacket and wear sparkly heels if you’d like to look more street yet still chic. You can layer one of these cover-ups over a white shirt and jeans and you’ll still look fashionable.

Wear a flowy dress with matching accessories.

Wearing a flowy long-sleeved dress is a great alternative to the abaya because it looks elegant, grand and festive. According to Muslim fashion blogger sassymamadubai, a flowy dress is reminiscent of a time when “demure and modest dressing” were “all the rage”. You can also wear a wide range of accessories with flowy dresses, depending on their fabric and color. Jewel or tassel earrings go well with jewel-colored dresses. Pearl earrings and brooches look proper with dresses in neutral colors. Crochet or fabric earrings look best with dresses in tropical or pastel colors.

Pay homage to other Muslim fashion cultures.

There is no single Ramadan fashion dress code. Muslim men and women from different countries and cultures wear varied outfits during the holy month. It would be nice to switch your wardrobe, maybe at least once during Ramadan. It’s a great way to show solidarity with your Muslim sisters globally. Some pieces you could include in your wardrobe collection are Middle Eastern kaftans, Bangladeshi sarees, abayas in Indonesian batik, and Filipino malongs.

You can look extra-fashionable during Ramadan. But remember, the best things you will wear during this season are humility and love for others.

Ramadan Mubarak!

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(Cover photo courtesy of Michael Kors Ramadan Capsule Collection)

Modest Fashion as an Emergent Fashion Trend

Modest fashion is currently creating waves in the global fashion scene. Designer and high street brands are hanging more modest styles on their racks with items that have long sleeves and hemlines. Certain designers have added religion-specific items such as hijabs and abayas to their runway collection.

How Modest Fashion Got to the Runway – and High Street Dress Racks

There are several reasons for modest fashion’s emergence. First, is the internet. Reina Lewis, who teaches cultural studies at the London College of Fashion, stated that “the internet made it possible for savvy, underserved religio-ethnic individuals and groups to start providing both the products and content that they were missing.” It was 2015 when modest fashion hit the mainstream.

Second is the growth of the halal market, which will be worth US$8 trillion by 2030. The value of the current halal market is already nearly US$3 trillion. According to The Edge Markets, these numbers will also grow due to “consumer awareness of halal benefits among both Muslims and non-Muslims.” The size of the halal fashion market was enough for designers and casual brands to take notice.

The last reason is largely societal. This trend does not symbolize a return to absolute conservatism. Instead, it symbolizes progress, tolerance, and the celebration of diversity in cultures and beliefs. Modest fashion is not Muslim, Christian, or Jewish. It exists in many religious cultures. Believers of different faiths produce and distribute “modest fashion” content on their blogs and social media channels. Their motivations may differ from each other, but they discuss the same topic.

Some critics will posit that there is a certain contradiction between modesty and progress. However, those criticisms merit a separate discussion. Celebrating diversity gives women more space to express themselves individually according to their culture and what they choose to believe in. Catering to individual preferences helps fashion brands become attractive to more customers.

The Appeal of Modest Fashion

Progress in fashion is one of the biggest reasons that draws women to modesty. Modest fashion is no longer drab and dark. Designers are able to introduce new styles and cuts due to fashion developments while staying true to their cultures and beliefs. Women from all belief systems find modest fashion items appealing because of their colors, styles, fabrics, and textures. Modest dressers have also found ways to accessorize and accentuate the beauty of their wardrobe.

The acceptance of modesty as a mode of fashion diversifies fashion as we know it. Boutiques still sell crop tops and bikinis. The only difference is that they’re also beginning to sell burkinis and abayas alongside them. Websites like HijabDressUp exist because of this growing appeal.

Will It Stay?

Innovations in various industries stay. Certain trends may wane, brands may disappear, but diversifications stay, especially if they exist to serve more consumers. So the answer to that question is yes. Modest fashion will progress from being a trend to a necessary style of clothing, especially with the rapid growth of the Islamic market and openness of divergent views.

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Trendy Ways to Wear Your Hijab for Summer

Modest fashion is evolving. The limits to styling the hijab are narrowing. This allows Muslim women to express themselves more freely without totally departing from traditions. With modest fashion inching its way towards the runway, more Muslim women are exploring accessories and styles that suit their hijabs.

Last spring, muted neutral hues, and large floral designs dominated hijabi fashion. Now that it’s summer, Muslim women can try on more experimental and colorful styles that suit the fun and vibrant mood of summer.

Here are just some of the trendy ways to wear your hijab for this summer.

Trendy Ways to Wear Your Hijab for Summer

Statement earrings

Pairing your hijab with statement earrings is one of the trends emerging this summer. Hijabi fashion bloggers usually wear hoop earrings with their hijabs. Most of these earrings are in neutral and metallic colors. If you don’t have hoop earrings, you can wear other kinds of statement earrings that match your hijab’s colors and style.


The sun is shining brighter this summer, so it’s a must for you to wear sunglasses. But you shouldn’t just wear any sunglasses, but the big beautiful ones that shape your face perfectly. Pair your hijab with aviators in citrus colors for a funky look. You can also wear sunglasses with wide rims in black or white to look elegant as classic Hollywood star Aubrey Hepburn.

Floppy Wide Brim Hats

Wearing a floppy wide brim hat over your hijab is a stunning and sophisticated way of protecting your face from the sun’s harmful rays. Floppy wide brim hats come in a variety of fabrics and textures like polyester, linen and palm weave. Polyester and linen floppy wide brim hats suit urban environments while wearing a palm weave hat suits the beach or farm better.

Turban Hijabs

Turban hijabs look very chic, especially if you wear them with long floral skirts or a cool pair of jeans. Wearing a turban hijab also helps your head and face withstand the heat.


If you’re not comfortable rocking the turban hijab, go for the next best alternative: bows. Tying bows on your hijab not just looks cute. It also gives your neck more room to breathe in the sweltering heat.


Wear a hijab in technicolor with a block color dress to make it stand out. This style suits Muslim women who live in highly cosmopolitan cities.

Flower Crowns

Summer is the time when fire trees, bougainvilleas, and sunflowers are in full bloom. With so much color around you, wouldn’t it be fun to top your hijab with a flower crown in summer colors?

Spring Colors

Summer colors are fun and vibrant. But if they seem too loud for you, then you can opt to wear beach-appropriate spring colors. Wear hijabs and tops in light yellows and blues to bring out your femininity.

Floral Patches and Jeans

Look casual and chic by wearing your hijab with slightly distressed jeans with floral iron-on patches and a plain top in neutral colors.

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